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McLendon Clinical Laboratories Directory

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UNC Hospitals
McLendon Clinical Laboratories
101 Manning Drive
Chapel Hill, NC 27514


McLendon Laboratory Administration and 
General Technical Assistance 
(919) 966-2361





Administration, financial, compliance, recruitment, quality management, information systems.
(919)843-1476 (919)843-1061 (919)843-1062
Autopsy Service




Decedent Care

(919)966-2370  Platelet Donor
Bacteriology, Immunology, Mycobacteriology, Mycology, Parasitology, Serology, Virology, Molecular Microbiology
Special Coagulation (919)966-4264 Special Coagulation
(919)966-2361 Clinical Chemistry, Coagulation, Fetal Lung Maturity, Hematology, Urinalysis, Blood Gas Critical Care, Special Chemistry, Endocrinology, Toxicology, Clinical Pharmacology, Pediatric Metabolism, and Referral Testing


(919)966-1595 Cytogenetics
Cytopathology (919)843-1477 Cytology
Hematopathology (919)966-6938 Division of Hematopathology offers comprehensive diagnostic hematopathology services.
(919)966-4057 Histocompatibility/Tissue Typing HLA, Flow Cytometry
See specific entries Laboratory Information Systems
Molecular Pathology (919)966-4408 Molecular Genetics, Molecular Oncology
Outreach Services (919)966-0406 
(888) 741-5227
Outreach Client Services

Phlebotomy Services

(919)966-2446 Specimen Collection
(919)966-2449 Point-of-Care testing and services
Quality Management See specific entries Laboratory Quality Management, Accreditation, Laboratory Safety, Website
(919)843-1760 Sweat Chloride Specimen Collection

Transfusion Medicine/ Transplantation Services

(919)966-4011 Transfusion Medicine/Transplant Services, Platelet Donor Program, Apheresis, HPLC Stem Cell



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