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Tube Guide

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Listed in Order of Draw for Vacutainer and Syringe Collections.

Blood Culture Bottles are ALWAYS drawn prior to other labs to reduce contamination. .

Royal BlueRoyal Blue TopNo additive (serum); special glass and stopper material7.0 mLMost drug levels, toxicology screens, and trace elements
RedRed TopNo additive7.0 mLCryoglobulins and CH50
Light BlueLight Blue Top3.2% Sodium Citrate4.5 mLPT, PTT, TCT, CMV buffy coat, Factor Activity
Tube MUST be filled 100% - No exceptions!
Gold Top (Serum Separator, "SST")Gold Top (SST)Contains separating gel and clot activator6.0 mLMost chemistry, endocrine and serology tests, including Hepatitis and HIV
Light Blue -
Yellow Label on Tube
FDP (Light Blue Top with Yellow Label)Thrombin2.0 mLFor FDP test ONLY; Obtain tube from Core Lab Coag; Allow to Clot
GreenGreen TopSodium heparin(100 USP Units)5.0 mLAmmonia, Lactate, HLA Typing
TanTan Top



5.0 mLLead levels
YellowYellow TopACD Solution A consists of trisodium citrate, citric acid and dextrose8.5 mLDNA Studies, HIV Cultures
PinkPink Top(K2)EDTADraws 6 mL - Minimum 4 mLBlood type & Screen, Compatibility Study, Direct Coombs
HIV Viral Load
Pearl Top (Plasma Preparation, "PPT")Pearl TopSeparating gel and (K2)EDTA4.0 mLAdenovirus PCR
Toxoplasma PCR
Lavender ("Purple") Lavender (Purple) Top(K2)EDTA3.0 mLCBC/Diff/Retic/Sed Rate, FK506, Cyclosporin, Platelet Ab, Coombs, Flow Cytometry


NOTE:  All tubes sterile.

Standard order of draw: BLOOD CULTURES, royal blue, red, light blue, SST (Gold), green, tan, yellow, pink, pearl, lavender. If a coag tube (light blue) is the only tube or the first tube to be drawn, a 5 mL discard tube must be drawn first.


(see also Blood Culture Collection Guide)
GreenGreen Top FA BottleBacT/Alert® Aerobic FAOptimal: 10mLAerobic "FAN" broth, with activated charcoal to remove potential growth inhibitors. Used in combination with Purple Top (Anaerobic) bottle for adult routine blood culture, and with Wampole Isolator Tube for Rare Pathogen cultures.
PurplePurple Top SN BottleBacT/Alert® Anaerobic SNOptimal: 10mLStandard anerobic broth. Used in combination with Blue Top (Aerobic) bottle for adult routine blood culture.
YellowYellow Top Pediatric PF BottleBacT/Alert® Pediatric PFMaximum: 4mLPediatric volume aerobic "FAN" broth, with activated charcoal to remove potential growth inhibitors.
BlackNavy Blue Mycobacterial MB BottleMB/BacT® BloodMaximum: 5 mLFor Mycobacterial blood cultures
Black/YellowWampole Isolator TubeWampole Isolator Tube10mLContains lytic and cushioning agents. Sample is processed and inoculated directly to selective &/or enriched media. Used in combination with Green Top (aerobic) bottle for unusual "rare" pathogens, particularly intracellular organisms. Specify suspected organism PRIOR to ordering.
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