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Introduction to the Manual

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McLendon Clinical Laboratories

Introduction to the Manual

This manual is provided as a guide to the use of the Clinical Laboratory and Anatomic Pathology Services that are available at the University of North Carolina Hospitals.  The manual is organized into the several sections. 

  • The Laboratory Test Information section is an alphabetical listing and search function of clinical laboratory and pathology procedures. 
  • The Test Information and Specifications Includes information on:
    --Identification, Collection and Transport of Specimens
    --Specimen Labeling Policy
    --Reporting of Laboratory Results
    --Release of Test Method Performance Specifications
    --Blood Collection Tube Guide
    --Bacterial Culture Collection Methods
    --Culture and Molecular Microbiology Collection Swab Reference
    --Sputum Specimen Collection
    --24 Hour Urine Container Guide. 

    --Collecting Urine Specimens

  • The Laboratory Directory and Information section contains a listing of laboratory phone numbers and an expanded directory of the laboratories, which includes directors and supervisors, and links to narratives for special information and services offered.
  • The Outpatient Forms and Requisitions section contains printable Portable Document Format (pdf) versions of various requisitions and forms intended for use for outpatient requests.
  • The Numbered Memo Archive contains Portable Document Format (pdf) versions of McLendon Clinical Laboratories and Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine numbered memos, which contain information on Significant changes pertaining to test performance or availability, or to Administrative functions. This archive goes back to July, 1999.
  • The Laboratory Accreditation Information section contains the Laboratories Accreditation Certification Numbers and links to the accrediting agencies. 
  • The McLendon Clinical Laboratories Safety Manual was placed on line September 2000, contains the same information as the "hard" copy of the Manual present in the Quality Management Office, and the flash drives that are distributed  throughout the Laboratories.

Information in the manual is provided by the individual laboratories and is under constant review.  It is our intent that the content of the manual be as up to date as possible and that updates are made when test information changes.  If you need further information about laboratory or pathology procedures not contained in this manual, we encourage you to call the appropriate laboratory
The McLendon Clinical Laboratories exist to assist you in providing the best possible care for your patients while contributing to the education and research activities of our medical center.  We welcome your  comments about our services and about ways we can improve the usefulness of this manual.
Please contact Ivette Marrero, MLS( ASCP)CM, Quality Management, McLendon Clinical Laboratories if you need information concerning the web site or to report problems with links.
Herbert C. Whinna, M.D., Ph.D.
McLendon Clinical Laboratories
Associate Professor
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine




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