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Benzodiazepine, Urine (Screen)

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Specimen Type
urine container
CPT Code(s)   80101 or G0431
Group/Individual Test   Individual
Laboratory   Core Laboratory
Tube Station   Routine: 30
STAT: 888
Specimen Routine: 50 mL random urine (no preservatives); See important comments
  micro: 4 mL random urine (no preservatives)
Availability Routine: 24 hrs/day
  STAT: Yes
Turnaround Time   Routine: 2 hours
STAT: 1 hour
Reference Range   Undefined

The reference range is undefined.

Benzodiazepine metabolites may be detected up to 72 hours after ingestion depending upon the specific benzodiazepine. The urine benzodiazepine screening test detects the presence of the benzodiazepine metabolite diazepam at a concentration of 200 ng/mL or greater. Other benzodiazepine metabolites are detected, call laboratory for information regarding a specific benzodiazepine. This method is unable to distinguish between specific benzodiazepines and should be used for screening.   Confirmation testing should be considered for positive screens; See Benzodiazepines, Confirmation.Note: These results are for medical purposes only.

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